Youth is often associated with the number of age, as if the older you are, the duller your life would be.

Purefons yet believes youth is a state of mind. The essence of youth is enjoying the freedom and energy brought by a healthy body and mind. A vigorous life is synchronized with health and wellness instead of your age.

Found in Hong Kong in 2017. Puerfons’ supplements and skincare products promote anti-aging functions that maintain your beauty and health. The regenerated body will free you from the chain of physical limitation and support you with a rejuvenated vision and mindset.

A wide range of Puerfons’ products helps delaying the negative effects of aging process and guiding you to the “fountain of youth” – To supplement ingredients that are missing from the intrinsic genes or lost from natural ageing process; to eliminate free radicals that scavenge the body and cause damage to cells, proteins and DNA; to reprogram dysfunctional cells to function actively as when you were young; to prevent physical and physiological decline by restoring lost functional ability of cells.

The Strength of Science, the Power of Youth

Based on scientific research of life science over two decades, Puerfons is committed to turn progressive science into your everyday life with our unique set of products and services, to transform anti-aging technologies into everyone’s joyful daily routine and habits to extend your health span.

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Our Team of Scientists

The Research & Development team of Puerfons is supported by medical and scientific experts with solid background and experience in medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology, and clinical preventive medicine. They are recruited to develop top quality anti-aging products with cutting-edge science, ingredients and effective formulation.

Our Global Supportors

Michael Rohde

Former MD of Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (German Power Engineering Company)

Monika Ribar

President of Swiss Federal Railways

Dr. Bruni Giampaolo

Owner of Piandaccoli Wines

Dr. Robert Beardall

Former Personal Physician of United States Secretary of State, Dr. Li Wu, Xuan Zhou, Oliver Ebstein (From left to right)

Dr. Uli Sigg

Member of M+ Board & Acquisitions Committee, West Kowloon District
Former Ambassador to China, North Korea, and Mongolia

The Strength of Science.

Our Science & Ingredients

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