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Quality Assurance
Revolutionary Anti-aging Ingredients
With the approval of Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School, Puerfons’ supplements include effective and cutting-edge anti-aging ingredients.
Safety Certification
Puerfons’ supplements have passed the tests of eight major nutritional components, heavy metals, and microbiological conducted by SGS. Manufactured in a FDA-certified factory in the United States, in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for production and packaging. It has been inspected and certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), which is widely recognized as the most stringent of certification party in the industry.
Professional R&D Team
A group of medical and scientific experts with solid background and experience in medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology, and clinical preventive medicine are recruited to form a professional research & development team.
Effective Dosage
Strictly abide by Hong Kong’s various regulations on medicine, pharmacy and sanitation, the proportions of ingredients have been certified by animal experiments and clinical trials. The raw materials with high purity, absorption rate and effectiveness are selected.
Non-genetically Modified (Non-GMO) Raw Materials
The safety of genetically modified products and their environmental impact are still controversial. Therefore, Puerfons insists on using non-genetically modified raw materials to better ensure the purity and safety of Puerfons’ products.
No Additives
Keep the natural and original of the ingredients, avoid unnecessary chemical effects, and let the product exert its maximum effect.


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