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About Puerfons


Puerfons aims at establishing a health community to promote
healthy aging, enhance overall health, and create wonderful life experiences to members from all over the world. 


Introducing health products of “Puerfons” and customized medical services to build a “personalised health management” community.


The founders of Health Elite Club are in line with the world leading scientists and medical institutions. We believe that aging can be treated as a disease. Aging could be slowed down, stopped and reversed.

We aim at creating a path to a future where we can get our members to an increased lifespan through an ever-rising health span. Their lives could be spent without disease or disability. Our goal is to prolong the vitality of our members – not only enjoying more years in life, but a more active, healthier and happier lifestyle.

Our mission is to create and bring on-board high-performance products and services, precision and preventive care, personalized solutions and data driven, day to day health decisions, based on innovative science and state of the art technology.

Our Team of Scientists

Health Elite Club is rooted in cutting-edge life sciences in “Genetics Era”.

It has strong life science R&D resources and holds multiple patents throughout the United States and the world. It also serves as a platform to work with cutting-edge medical institutions to maintain a frontier positioning in life sciences.


Dr. Jiwu Wang


Dr. Robert Beardall


Dr. Jose G. Rocca


Dr. Tim Trodd


Dr.  Nickolas Themelis


Dr. Vince Gao

Our Board of Directors



Dr. Li Wu, PhD


Dr. Uli Sigg


Mr. Claudio Cisullo

Our Strategic Partners (in Alphabetical Order)

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