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Reflection on 2020
By | December 31st, 2020 | Newsletter

December 2020 Newsletter

Dear members,

Goodbye 2020… This year has been an unpredictable ride and an extremely testing year for people across the globe due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It has changed the world as we knew it. Undeniably we all wish to turn the page hoping that 2021 can bring more stability and optimism.

As we reflect on 2020 we are proud at HECL to have been able to support and inform our members in delivering news, advice and solutions on longevity, health and innovation. Indeed, in this challenging time when health has been everybody’s core priority we have really striven during this whole year to inform and look at tips to help maintain wellbeing, mental health and performance. This month we would like to enjoy with you a brief recap of certain topics and details that we have covered during 2020 in order to maintain a healthy, wealthy and happy lifestyle:

  • In early 2020 we focused on the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in China which obviously sparked fear and anxiety. Since this was a new disease, there were in the initial phase many uncertainties. We tried as much as possible to analyze medical information rationally and logically and share with our members what we thought was adequate.
  • We highlighted in February various factors which may influence the immune system. It includes what we at HECL often call the holy trinity for a good health: a balanced diet, exercise and adequate sleep. There are other physical and mental factors which contribute to better immunity such as avoiding stress or maintaining a positive psychological outlook (the “smile attitude”).
  • In July we focused on an essential part of our life, food. Indeed, our body needs fuel to work. Carbohydrates and fats provide energy while proteins, vitamins and minerals have other key functions in our metabolism such as bolstering the immune system, repairing cellular damage or acting as messenger. In the nutrition community there has always been a debate low-carb vs. low-fat diets. Scientific studies all point out that both diets lead to significant weight loss. However, each has their pros and cons which may depend on your lifestyle, and above all your ability to sustain it.
  • For many, COVID-19 has caused major setbacks to daily lives over the past few months with disrupting business, relationships, overall well-beings, and much more. Everybody needs to find ways to bounce back and set their lives back on a healthy track. This is one reason why we have largely focused this year on mental health, which is crucial but difficult to grasp. It is now scientifically proved that there are techniques accessible to all of us which improve our mental health, such as breathing techniques, meditation and mindfulness. Additionally, it is a also question of attitude towards life’s adversity, for instance engaging in positive thoughts resulting from gratitude and acceptance of uncertainty.
  • Not only the human body reacts to training but our mind can also be trained. Through appropriate training we can look out for helping actions or thoughts to enhance happiness. We first need to determinate what makes us happy and then create habits of happiness. All of us have the magnificent possibility to build the brain we want. The primary driver of neuroplastic change (modification in the brain) is our own behavior. Therefore, we have to be well aware of our thoughts and habits, do more of what make us happy and change negative habits into constructive ones. It is proven that successful people are often resilient. They have the capacity to react successfully to setbacks and have developed the skills and habits to focus on things which they can change. Resilience lies upon rational analysis in order to think positively and plan the next steps. 
  • Finally in September and October we focused on two common health-related issues in our modern and demanding ways of life: cardio-vascular disease and stress-related disease. We identified the risk factors in terms of physical attributes and lifestyle and highlighted the ones which can be controlled in order to diminish the risk. 

Finally we would like to thank you for your support and for the positive feedback we have received. Now as we embrace the upcoming year 2021 let us be positive and cheery with shining spirits and aspirations for the future. We should not let the negative times affect us in looking forward to the future and working hard to achieve our dreams and ambitions. The whole HECL team wish you a Happy New Year 2021. Cheers to health and happiness in 2021!

Stay safe.


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