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Puerfons Lands at PMQ
By | July 24th, 2020 | Newsletter

Great news! Puerfons becomes a new member of the Nordic Innovation House – Hong Kong (NIH-HK) and joined the exclusive community!

Puerfons will occasionally hold promotional activities at the headquarters of NIH-HK at PMQ*. Please keep a close eye on Puerfons’ Facebook Page and welcome to visit the PMQ at that time.

Puerfons’ parent company, Health Elite Club Limited aims at establishing a healthy community to promote healthy aging, enhance overall health and prolong the vitality of our members from all over the world – not only enjoy longer life span, but have a more active, healthy and happier lifestyle.

The founder of Puerfons believes that aging can be treated as a disease, in which aging process could be slowed down, stopped, or even reversed. In response to members’ needs, Health Elite Club has worked closely with the world’s leading scientists and medical institutions to create the brand of “Puerfons” with a variety of anti-aging health supplements and skin care products.

On the basis of scientific research over decades and top quality ingredients, Puerfons provides users with significant anti-aging results, from physical appearance to healthy living.

*NIH-HK’s headquarters at PMQ is not the official sales store during non-promotional period. If you are interested in purchasing Puerfons’ products, please visit our official website.

Address of NIH-HK: S708-S709, 7/F, Staunton, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong
By | July 24th, 2020 | 會員通訊, Newsletter

好消息!Puerfons成為Nordic Innovation House香港分部 (NIH-HK) 的新成員,加入了北歐創新匯的社區!

Puerfons將不定期於NIH-HK於PMQ的總部舉行推廣活動*,敬請密切留意我們Facebook Page的消息,歡迎屆時蒞臨參觀。

Puerfons的母公司Health Elite Club Limited旨在建立一個健康社區,以促進健康長壽為使命,讓來自世界各地的會員增強整體健康狀況並延長其生命力—不僅享有更長的壽命,而且擁有更積極、健康和快樂的生活方式。 Puerfons的創始人認為衰老可以被視為一種疾病,老化的過程是可以減緩、停止、甚至逆轉。

Health Elite Club在數十年的科學研究基礎上,與全球頂尖的科學家和醫療機構緊密合作,創立了Puerfons的品牌,開發了有高品質成分的健康補充劑和護膚產品的,致力為大眾提供成效顯著的抗衰老產品,從內到外照顧用者的身心健康。


北歐創新匯於PMQ的地址: 中環鴨巴甸街35號元創方Staunton S708-S709室


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