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April 2020 Newsletter
By | April 30th, 2020 | Newsletter

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Keeping Up With Coronavirus

Dear members,

For many of us worldwide the Coronavirus pandemic has been and still is a strange and distressing experience. Our relation with essential parts of our daily life like work, social interaction, family connections, traveling and even time has been all of a sudden highly modified. However, life goes on, and in this context, we were so happy to receive a positive message from one of our members who lives in Switzerland. I am sharing her words with you because she really highlights important health benefits that we keep advocating for.

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 One of our Swiss members’ art for all members and her letter on below:

“I had always thought growing old would take much longer, yet all of a sudden I am celebrating my 60th birthday. Exercising in the gym needs more effort, the healing process for small injuries take longer, and I now most definitely need my reading glasses. After thirty we lose the illusion of immortality and now, I am losing the illusion of being untouchable by age. Becoming more alert to the signals, I find even more of them. Responding with more time in the gym and more intellectual challenges is possible, but to keep the same level as before, more time and effort are needed. This is time I would prefer to invest in other ventures, such as new projects or quality time with friends and family. 

Skin is another important issue, numerous industries are involved, countless companies focus on it and a huge amount of money is tied up in it. Our appearance is defined by looks and this is decisively influenced by our skin and the tension in our muscles, notably our posture. 

The recurrence of these little hints from my body makes me recognize a change. Although I feel good, there is the small, but undeniable weakening of my capabilities and its dawns on me that this may be age catching up. Happiness is not only a result; it is also a decision. The same applies to age. Ageing is a fact, which we can do little about, but we do have the chance, with various approaches, to have a substantial influence on it.

Since September 2019, for 4 months now, I have been taking Puerfons and I am seeing more and more of my former, younger self. All my physical and mental impairments have improved. I feel stronger and perceive an ease and lightness, which creates an “all is possible” mood. With little changes (the total banishment of white sugar and eating low-carb) to my vegetarian diet, I lost considerable weight, sleep better, not longer but in a more relaxing way. Therefore, I wake up refreshed and start the day feeling good, light-hearted, unburdened and full of energy. Mainly it is this mental change, this serenity, that increases my quality of life, due to two Puerfons tablets, based on the supplements Nicotinamide Riboside and Pterostilbene. In addition to their anti-aging properties, they: 

–        restore and maintain muscle mass and function

–        enhance oxidative metabolism

–        increase DNA repair capacities

–        boost and rejuvenate healthy skin 

–        reduce the chance and delay the onset of aging associated diseases

–        increase NAD+ levels

–        protect your heart

–        improve your mental health

–        and ease inflammation. 

All these benefits are owed to the Puerfons I take, and this in turn we owe to the Health Elite Club founded by Dr. Li Wu, Uli Sigg and a few others, with the vision and mission to shift people’s focus from extending their lifespan to extending their health-span instead.“

Thank you so much! We are always grateful to receive feedback, so if you have questions or comments, do not hesitate to do the same and send us a message to the following address: contact@healtheliteclub.com

It is hard in the middle of a crisis to put things into perspective. After such a long period of anxiety, there is now a need to be dispassionate and reasonably optimistic. Most of us have been anxious about catching COVID-19, but now that we know the disease better there are different signs which should inspire more confidence and even optimism for the period to come:

–        first of all we know that social distancing and public health measures are effective in controlling the epidemic spread. As a result we can expect that some measures will be maintained while the most restrictive measures will be gradually removed.

–        secondly the fatality rate announced initially (around 3%) is considerably higher that the real rate because it did not take into account the thousands of infected people who had mild symptoms. Surveys conducted by different scientific teams in Los Angeles, Finland and Germany suggest a rate around 0.3%, possibly even below.

–        some factors clearly increase the risk of patients developing the more severe complications of COVID-19. Age, male sex, obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure are the most important factors. A good general health is therefore a strong benefit against Covid-19.

–        there are numerous trials of treatment ongoing internationally. The main focus of drug therapy is to impact either the ‘viral load’ or the immune response in order to prevent the progress of the disease into its more severe stage. Plasma from patients who have recovered has also been used with some success in China and studies are ongoing. Numerous vaccine studies are underway internationally with very good international collaboration between the medical teams.

It seems likely that a vaccine is 18 months away, which would be an incredible achievement. Until then, as with other diseases, we will have to accept that the fires continue to burn in a controlled way whilst minimising the damage and stress on national health systems and maintaining economic activity. As we mentioned last month, please do not hesitate to take direct contact with us if you need any medical or psychological support.

Finally, we would like to announce that we launched this month our Puerfons Ultimate Anti-Aging Face Cream which is the result of a long research work conducted by the legendary female pharmacist Dr. Francesca Ferri. We are launching a day cream and a night cream which perform differently for a particular time of day. The different ingredients bare different functions, but they are both based on the exclusive formula of Fitomelatonina® extracted from Alpine plants and the anti-ageing compound of NMN.  We provide more information on the Puerfons’ website at:


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