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Ep. 69 – The Future of Aging with David Sinclair, Mattimore Cronin, and Justin Clark
By | 17 11 月, 2019 | 健康會

Other languages available: EN

David Sinclair on “Why we age and why we won’t don’t have to” ????

In this episode, Mattimore and Justin sit down with David Sinclair, professor of biology at Harvard Medical School, multiple time entrepreneur, and author of the New York Times best-selling book: “Lifespan: Why we age and why we don’t have to” ????

Broad Questions:

• Why do we age?
• What happens when we age?
• Why might we not have to age?
• How has our understanding of aging evolved?
• What should people do to live longer?

Best Case Scenario Questions:

• Best case lifespan for people alive today?
• Best case lifespan for the next generation?
• Best way to deliver longevity treatments?
• Best way to treat and even cure blindness and hearing loss?
• What will life look like for someone living 2050? In 2100?
• Describe your vision for the future: Bio-tracking, Wearables, Remote visits, Uploading DNA swab of blood or saliva to a laptop or phone?
• Are the neurological aspects of aging more difficult to treat?
• What would society and the world look like in your best case?

Worst Case Scenario Questions:

• What are the some major bottlenecks that could prevent progress?
• What are some ways that, even if we do solve aging, it could turn out negatively for the average person?
• How likely is it that a global pandemic like the Spanish Flu or Ebola will wipe out a major portion of the population in our lifetime?
• How concerned should we be about nuclear war compared to other threats to humanity like climate change and infectious diseases?
• Do you share Musk’s concerns that Artificial Intelligence is the biggest threat to humanity – even bigger than nuclear war?
• Do you share Andrew Yang’s concerns that “this time it’s different” regarding automation and joblessness as a threat to workers?
• How concerned are you about a food crisis and population growth?
• What would society and the world look like in the worst case?

Most Likely Scenario Questions:

• What will the transition period be like between now and the time when we have made significant progress in extending the human lifespan?
• Will income inequality prevent access to longevity treatments for the majority of the population? Who should have access to these treatments first?
• Thoughts on consciousness? Are our cells conscious? Could we create consciousness in Artificial Intelligence systems? Will it happen?
• What does the world and society look like in the most likely scenario?

Thanks for tuning in ????

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